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Shaman is located in the picturesque surroundings of Považský Inovec, in the village of Podhradie. The Shaman offers many opportunities to spend a joyful time with family, children and friends.

Topoľčany Castle

The ruins of Topoľčany Castle rise above the village of Podhradie in Považský Inovec. This royal castle from the 13th century became the center of the Topoľčany castle estate.


Recreation area by the water reservoir near Topoľčany. An ideal place for water recreation, hiking, biking and water sports.

Tesáre Reservoir

In the village of Tesáre, surrounded by trees, there is a picturesque water reservoir. You will also find the Kyselka mineral spring with water from the same mountains as the healing Piešťany mineral water.

Nemečky Reservoir

The waterworks in Nemečky is mainly used to capture large torrential waters, for irrigation purposes and also for fish farming. The dam is also used for recreational purposes.

Oponice Castle

Oponice Castle is located on the western outcrop of the Tríbeč Mountain above the village of Oponice. It dates from the 13th century. The first owners of the castle were the aristocratic family Čákovci.

Mongel Ranch

The ranch located in Nitrianska Streda offers attractions for children and adults. Horse riding, farm, campfire, tents, food and much more.

Paddleboard Rental

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental in Duchonka - SUP's Up. Browse the waters of Duchonka on quality paddleboards and relax to the fullest.

Ranč pod Babicou

The ranch is located in the village Bojna. It offers specialties of its own cuisine, accommodation, fishing, animals, playground. You can make the trip more joyful by walking in the surrounding forest.

Ponds in Kulhán

Kulhán is a nature reserve in the Považský Inovec approximately 1.5 km west of the village Zlatniky. The fishing trip for the whole family.

Tesáre Winery

In the eastern part of Považský Inovec we find one of the few wine-growing villages in the district of Topoľčany, the village of Tesáre. The local vineyard is managed by Tesáre Winery and is known for its excellent wines.

Chateau Appony

In the heart of beautiful nature with hundred-year old trees, the gem of architecture shows up, built by the noble Apponyi family, with the grace and elegance of the period.

Panská Javorina

Panská Javorina is the second highest peak of Považský Inovec. An excellent place for relaxation and hiking. At the top is a wooden tourist lookout tower.


Marhát is a hill in the Považský Inovec mountain range rising above Nitrianská Blatnica. At the top is a lookout tower. The area of Považský Inovec is ideal for cycling.

Valy Bojná

A unique archeological site, the Slavic mountain fortified with rampars is located in Považský Inovec near the village of Bojná. The first mention of the fort comes from the 8th - 9th century.

Wildlife farm

Visit our wildlife farm in Podhradie. We can organise deer hunting, fallow deer hunting or muflon hunting for you.

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